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Albert Paley Rug Collection

Size and Price Guide

Paley-PRT2015_27Paley-PRT2015_27 All rugs designed by Albert Paley are custom-made based on the client’s needs. The rugs are woven with only the highest quality weave and materials.   Each rug is hand-spun of hand-carded woolen pile on a cotton warp and weft foundation with 144 knots per square inch.  

Proportionality and Design Size

The proportionality of the rug is based on the original print dimensions.  The complete design of the print will be used for the rug unless the shortest length is less than 6’ (1.8m) or the proportionality of the print design and rug dimensions are not compatible. If any rug dimensions are disproportionate to the original print and require only a section of the print be used for the rug, Albert Paley must review the amended design.  Once the design is approved by Albert Paley, the clientwill have the opportunity to review a digital copy of the artwork to be used for weaving.

Due to the size of the loom, any rugs that are greater than 12’ (3.7m) in width or 19’ (5.8m) in length will have an additional charge of 20%. 

A 20% fee will also be charged for any rugs that deviate from a square or rectangular shape. This includes round, ovals or geometric shaped rug designs.

Specialty Designs

Albert Paley has chosen select print designs for weaving. The designs chosen represent only a small portion of the works on paper completed by Albert Paley over his 50 year career. If the buyer would like to purchase a design that has not yet been chosen by Albert Paley, an additional charge of up to 20% will be charged for use of the design as a rug. If exclusivity of the chosen design is requested, an additional increase of 80% will be applied.

Corporate and Retail Spaces

Albert Paley rug designs offer a textural and visual luxury to any space. Rugs for commercial, retail, and hospitality venues can be made to the specifications required by any client. Each rug design will be uniquely crafted and will showcase the sophistication and vision for each venue. Each client can work directly in collaboration with Albert Paley for the best design solution for their space.


Pricing for standard designs and sizes is $150 per square foot.  Standard rugs are less than 12’ (3.7m) in width and 19’ (5.8m) in length woven with designs prechosen by Albert Paley.